Where We Are Two Years After Opening and New Changes to Operating Hours


Hello everyone

Well, what a year we’ve had at EMTTC! Apologies for not updating the blog on a much more regular basis, that’s certainly something that I’m resolving to be better at, as well as my own game!

Since the last blog post we have increased our participation at the club to between 20-30 people each session, increased the number of tables to 8 and included an additional team into the Manchester League bringing our total number of teams up to three.

With the increased number of people regularly coming down to play table tennis at our club we have now reached a point where we feel as though the quality of the sessions isn’t as high as we want to provide to our players. For more information about this please also see our blog post from today entitled Membership.

When the club first opened we operated on the basis that we had two sessions open to people coming to the club, namely that 6pm-8pm would be for juniors, and 8pm-10pm would be for adults. We soon found that this wasn’t working at the time, for a few reasons such as us being a new club and word not spreading quickly enough, and therefore we dropped the division in the operating times and essentially moved to an open session for all to come along at any time between 6pm and 10pm.

As we now have enough interest from enough people coming on a regular basis we now want to move back to a model where we are able to offer more meaningful coaching and development for those people that want this. We will be able to achieve this if players of a similar ability, regardless of age, attend the same session so that we as coaches can set up exercises and drills that are applicable to people of a similar ability (after all, it’s pretty pointless trying to run a drill for someone who has never held a bat before with someone at the other end of the table who has been playing in local leagues for decades).

With this in mind East Manchester Table Tennis Club is happy to announce that from Friday 21st July 2017 we will revert back to the following operating times:

-Between 6pm and 8pm we will have 5 tables open for anyone, regardless of age, who is a beginner to the game, or who is less advanced and who would like the opportunity to improve

-Between 8pm and 10pm we will have 5 tables open for our regular team players along with non-team players who are more advanced in their ability.

This is initially only going to be on a one month trial basis to see how it fits in with us as coaches and you as players, so in this respect please get in touch if you have any questions, queries or concerns.

Lastly, given the present set up of our club (where we are operating with 5 tables in a sports hall and a further 3 tables in a smaller (but still adequate) dance studio) we have taken the decision that during this trial period we will reserve the three tables in the dance studio specifically for people who are unable to come within the above time frames for whatever reason (work commitments, family commitments, holidays etc), though please note we are unable to confirm if these three tables will be really busy or really quiet, so if you come along to play on one of the three tables in the dance studio if you’re not able to fit into the appropriate session for your ability as above you may have to play on a rotation basis, cross table or as doubles.

Lastly, just to confirm, the above session splitting whilst aimed at predominantly improving the game of those who attend, will not just be a solid two hours worth of training drills and exercises, there will be fun games and challenges too where we will be putting into practice what we’ve been trying to improve upon in the session (so don’t be deterred if it sounds like you’re not interested in training and only want to play games, as this would still also be for you).

Please get in touch if you have any questions at all and we’ll be happy to help.