So Far So Promising

Well it’s now been over six weeks since the first club night and I have to say that I am happy with how things are going so far. We have regular players as well as new people coming on an ad hoc basis.

I think we are well positioned to enter at least one team into the local league when it starts again in September, so this is promising as this was one of the first goals set out for the club.

I just want to say well done to Thomas, who, apart from being there week in week out, has show real improvement since the day he first walked through the door.

Rosy has also got back into the swing of playing again after about 10 years of not playing on a regular basis – and she looks right at home like she’s never been out of the game!

Our next objective is trying to secure more people on a regular basis, so please share this post and try to recommend just one person to come down, pick up a bat and have fun, even if it is just once to give it a try!

Hopefully see some of you soon!