EMTTC currently operates on a no membership basis, though the club has been discussing internally about creating a membership scheme for a small nominal amount for both juniors and adults. The overarching reason for this is to try and make the quality of the sessions for all those who attend much better. 

Whilst EMTTC would never turn anyone away from wanting to play our great sport, it has been difficult sometimes to provide meaningful training drills, demos and coaching etc given the sometimes wide reaching abilities of the people that attend the club. This coupled with the fact that we do get people coming to the club for one or two times and never again, or a few months between visits means that there isn’t often a meaningful enough people of a similar standard to provide good quality sessions in terms of developing and coaching players (of all ages).

Granted this will partly be addressed once the club reintroduces split sessions for juniors/less advanced players and league players/more advanced players, but, the thinking at the club presently is that if a membership scheme was introduced it would result in members feeling more like they belong to a club, rather than a possibly disposable feeling at present/hiring equipment for a service. Membership will also predominantly bring together those people who are more orientated towards being coached/receiving coaching and generally improving their play.

Rest assured however, no membership scheme is currently in operation at present, though it does look likely that this is the way that the club will be operating in the near future. All current attendees to the club will be given a large advanced warning of any changes in this regard.

Watch this space, and keep playing table tennis, and, if you do have any comments about these proposed changes please let us know via Facebook, Twitter or as a reply to the blog post posted today’s date also – your comments are greatly appreciated and welcomed!