Andrew Rushton Coaching Update

Andrew Rushton Coaching

Andrew Rushton Coaching

Haven’t the last 4 weeks flown by?! We’re already approaching the 5th of 6 coaching sessions run by Andrew Rushton at EMTTC and it’s going fantastically well with each session proving as popular as as the very first session. Everyone who has attended is well on their way to bettering their all round game.

Week 2 was focusing on the middle game where we got thinking a bit more about the shot we were playing, and specifically our blocks and short shots.

Week 3 centred around service focusing on a couple of basics and brushing on a really nice disguised no spin/backspin serve. For those who picked this one up pretty quickly it proved to be immediately effective with the received mistakenly lifting the no spin ball high having mistakenly believed that there was backspin on the ball – very nice stuff!

Last Friday Andrew had us focusing on our service receive including short flicks and push returns. Players also used this opportunity to put into practice the serves they were working on in the previous session.

As with the first session Andrew’s command of the session is brilliant and everyone listens to him so intently – it’s great to see!

Onwards and upwards to the final third of Andrew’s coaching at EMTTC, but who knows, there’s a chance that we’ll be signing Andrew up for more coaching at EMTTC given how popular his sessions have been!

There’s still time for you to join the remaining two sessions, so if you’re interested please get in touch with us to book your place.