Andrew Rushton at EMTTC Session 1



After weeks of preparation we kicked off session 1 of Andrew Rushton’s coaching with a bang!

It was great to see so many new faces as well as old ones benefitting from the wisdom of such a great player like Andrew.

For the 6 weeks he is here, he has developed key areas to work on over the course and week 1 was all about movement. He told us all we would be sweating and he didn’t disappoint.

His ability to communicate to such a large group was phenomenal and his experience shone through as he led everyone on an amazing two hour session. We saw beginners master the basics with ease and confidence under his guidance. Even our more advance players progressed throughout the night and by the end of the session everyone felt a great impact into their game.

Not only did all of our players benefit greatly but we as coaches, learnt so much from Andrew. His approach is friendly, concise and masterful and if you haven’t signed up for his other sessions I would highly recommend you do so. If you have an interest in joining any of his sessions please use the contact us page to book your place.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to the 5 weeks we have left with Andrew.

The EMTTC Team